The Tolley's Taxation Awards 2017 :: RULES FOR ENTRY







A single nomination proposal must submit a maximum 3,000 words in only ONE document  no bigger than 5MB, in word format or PDF, and printable in A4 size with an absolute maximum limit of 10 pages. Press add file button under supporting material to upload your entry. 

The limits in the Tax Writer and Commentator category are different, and are contained in the criteria for the award.

Entries can be accepted from a firm, organisation or individual. It is possible to nominate someone other than yourself for an individual award, but it is your responsibility to ensure that you have the agreement of the nominee.

Except where specified in the individual criteria, entries should give emphasis to achievements during 2016. A team that became part of a firm during the year can be nominated only on the basis of the work done for the new owners of the business.

The same team or individual cannot enter for an award they won the previous year. A different team or individual from the year’s winning firm may enter the same category, and it may be appropriate for the same team to enter a different award.

The judges’ decision is final and their deliberations are confidential.  All judges sign a form confirming that they will keep all information they receive confidential.

Further criteria for team and individual awards are given below.

Team awards

Above all, the judges will be looking for clear and specific evidence of teamwork (rather than individual achievement) and signs of how the team has found a way to offer an exceptional service to its clients by adding extra value and bringing a competitive advantage to the firm or company.

Client testimonials are a useful source of evidence. Other factors that will be considered by the judges will include:

development of relationship with clients;

commitment to professionalism, equality and diversity principles, and high ethical standards;

* evidence of proven success; and

* innovative use of technology or response to a new tax challenge.

A team cannot be entered for more than one award.

Individual awards

For all of the individual awards (but with appropriate modifications for the rising star category) the judges are looking for someone who is indisputably a leader in their field.

They will normally have a very high level of technical ability coupled with an impressive record of achievement, often including thought-leadership in their specialist area. Professionalism and high ethical standards are also required.


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