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The categories for 2021 are...

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Best International Tax Team

This is open to international teams in larger firms or independent firms specialising in international tax. Firms can offer a broad range of international experience or expertise in a particular area of international tax, not only business taxes, but also the taxation of internationally mobile employees or international tax for high net worth individuals.


Best Digital Innovation

This award is to acknowledge the increasing important of the digital agenda in the world of tax. The judges will be looking for professional advisory firms and software companies which have taken an innovative approach to problem solving and/or taxes management through digital platforms.


Best Specialist Team in Large Firm

This award is open to recognisably distinct teams within a large professional advisory practice, which specialise in a tax area not covered by one of the other specific awards. It is not intended for independent consulting firms as a whole, which have their own award category. If you have any questions about whether you are eligible to enter this category please contact us.


Best specialist team in a public or not for profit organisation

The purpose of this award is to recognise the contribution to society made by to a specialist tax team in a public or not for profit organisation. It is not intended for teams within independent consulting firms or in-house tax teams, which have their own award categories. The previous year’s winner of this award was the Low Incomes Tax Reform Group Team. If you have any questions about whether you are eligible to enter this category please contact us.


Best Employer in Tax

These notes will assist employers who are considering entering in this category.

This award is open to all employees of tax professionals, including those in the public and third sector as well as in private practice and industry. It is open to employers of any size, though in practice it is unlikely that an organisation employing fewer than 10 people would be able to meet all of the criteria which the judges will be looking for. It is open both to tax-only organisations and organisation which have a wider remit provided that in the latter case there is a distinct group of tax staff.
In any cases of doubt about eligibility please contact us in the first instance.
The entry should be in narrative form. Reasonable space will be allowed for statistical or other summary information to support the entry but there is no need for reams of data and all of the key points which you wish to make should be in the main narrative.
The judges will be looking at a range of criteria. We would expect that entries will include information on most if not all some of the following
• Recruitment and retention
• Commitment to training and development
• Career progression
• Work/life balance
• Contribution to the wider tax community
• Corporate and Social responsibility
• Diversity
This is not a prescriptive list and entrants should feel free to discuss other areas which they regard as important.
Where it is available entrants should include information which externally validates their entry. This could include results of published surveys or press coverage. It is appreciated that for smaller organisations this may not always be possible, and its absence will not prevent an entry being considered
What is essential is that the entry does include the voice of employees. The way in which this is done is up to you. You might want to consider passing responsibility for part of the entry to a group of employees or to include comments and testimonials from employees within the narrative. The judges will not consider shortlisting any cases where employee perspectives do not form a significant part of the entry.

Best Independent Tax Consultancy Firm

The judges will be looking for independent firms who work is predominantly tax consultancy rather than a traditional compliance and advisory practice. The category is not primarily aimed at consultancy divisions of larger tax practices or for firms whose expertise falls within one of the other specialist categories but the judges will be prepared to consider entries from distinct consultancy businesses within larger firms provided that that division does not qualify in one of the other award categories. If you are in any doubt about eligibility please contact us.


Best In-House Tax Team

This award is designed to recognise the important position of in-house tax department in industry and business in dealing with the tax affairs of their employer. It is also open to in-house teams in the public and third sector.


Best Corporate or Business Tax Practice

This award will go to the best corporate or business tax practice in 2020/21. The award is open to firms advising corporates on any aspect of their tax affairs, such as: the tax aspects of corporate, commercial and financial transactions; advising on significant tax planning assignments; managing tax and reputational risk; supporting efficient compliance and reporting processes; and transfer pricing issues.


Best Private Client Tax Practice

This is intended for a tax practice which predominantly looks after high net worth clients. It is open to practices of all sizes.


Best Tax Disputes / Investigations Team

This award seeks to find a top-quality team which specialises in tax investigation and/or dispute resolution work, providing effective solutions to clients and managing the difficult demands of enquiry work.


Best Tax Practice in a Regional Firm

This award is for tax and accountancy firms which, while not having a national presence, operate from more than one main office and provide a general tax service direct to clients (tax consultancy teams have a specialist category).


Best VAT/Indirect Tax Team

This award will go to a team that has proven specialist skills in providing exceptional advice in the field of indirect tax. The winning team may cover the entire spectrum of indirect taxes or specialise in one or more niche areas. 


Best New Tax Practice

This award recognises that start up practices may not yet be ready to compete on equal terms with their long-established counterparts but which have started to establish themselves in the market place. New in this context means commencing on or after 1 January 2017. The judges will be particularly looking for wholly new firms but will consider applications from existing firms general practice or law firms who have set up their own tax practices within the last 3 years.


Best Single Office Tax Practice

This is open to any tax or accountancy firm run from a single office (regardless of the number of principals or employees) offering a general tax service direct to clients. As well as applying the criteria applicable to the regional tax practice category as appropriate, judges will be looking for evidence of the extra level of personal service and commitment which these practices can offer their clients. Firms which have one main office and one or two small satellite offices may be eligible to enter this category but should seek the advice of the award organisers before putting in an entry.


Best Rising Star in Tax

This award will go to an individual who, while not yet at the height of their career, is rapidly making a name for himself or herself in the tax world. It is open to those with no more than 3 years post qualification experience who specialise in any tax discipline, and anywhere within the UK tax profession.


Lifetime Achievement Award

This award recognises an individual who has made a sustained and significant impact in tax during the whole of their career, as opposed solely to achievements in the last year. The judges will consider the unique qualities which have earned this individual the respect of their colleagues and peers. Past winners have normally been acknowledged current, or very recently retired, leaders within the tax profession.


Tolley's award for outstanding contribution to taxation

For the individual who has made the most positive contribution to the tax profession in 2020/21. To ensure this award reflects the view of the UK tax profession, we will invite tax professionals to nominate individuals for this award. The judges will then draw up a shortlist, from which tax professionals will be able to vote for the winner.

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