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Nominations open until 11 February

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It’s your chance to help pick a winner!

Please nominate your choice of winner for the following categories:

• Tolley's Award for Outstanding Contribution to Taxation in 2021-22 by an Individual
• Tolley's Award for Outstanding Contribution to Taxation in 2021-22 by a Not-for-profit Organisation

You can submit as many nominations as you like but you will need to fill out the form separately for each one.

The awards recognise the work of individuals/organisatons who have made an outstanding contribution to tax in 2021 or early 2022

Any member of the tax community can nominate an individual or Not-for-profit organisation for the awards. Please comment on why you are nominating them.

The shortlist for these awards will be announced in April. Voting will then open for the winner for the two outstanding contribution to tax awards. 

Winners will be announced at the awards night on 12 May.

You will not need the permission of anybody you wish to nominate before you put their name forward: once the shortlist is prepared the judges will approach the relevant individuals/organisations to confirm that they would be willing for their names to be put forward.

Thank you for helping us to mark the achievements of these outstanding individuals/organisations.

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