Tolley's Taxation Awards Categories 2024

We will be accepting entries based on achievements made between February 2023 - February 2024

Entries are now closed

This award is open to any team in an accountancy or law firm which deals with corporate advisory work predominantly in UK corporate taxes.

This is open to any business which has used new technological insights and developments to produce software applications which make a step change in the way that taxation services are delivered to clients or the way that tax advisers manage their own practices.

This award is open to any wholly new tax practice which commenced within the last three years.

This award is open to practices, or distinct practices within larger firms, which specialise in any form of tax investigation, dispute resolution or risk management work connected with taxation.

This is open to individuals aged 30 or younger on the closing date for entries who have started to establish themselves as leading lights in the tax profession. Entries can be submitted by the individuals themselves or by their firm or close colleagues.

This award is open to all firms which have a substantial private client base. It is open to firms which only provide private client advice but also to private client practices within larger firms.

This award is open to any organisation which employs staff working in taxation. The voice of the employees themselves must be an integral part of any entry in this category.

This award recognises the important role that many non-for-profit organisations play within the tax world in the UK. The judges will take a wide view of what is meant by not-for-profit to ensure that the widest group of organisations will be eligible. Nominations can be made by any member of the tax profession as well as by the organisations themselves.

This award recognises the work of individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to tax in 2022 or early 2023. Nominations are open to all members of the tax profession.

This award is open to any full-service tax practice which operates from a single office. Single-office specialist and boutique firms should enter the independent consultancy firm category.

This award is for all teams, whether independent businesses or part of larger firms, whose work is in any area of indirect tax.

This award is open to all independent firms whose work is largely consultancy rather than portfolio based and where there is no other specific category within these awards which is relevant.

This award is open to all teams dealing with their own organisation’s tax management and reporting. Entrants can be from public or private companies, the public or third sector or from teams within large professional firms dealing with their own in-house tax.

This award is open to any team in a larger organisation which is not eligible under any other category. Other than that, there is no restriction on the specialisms which are eligible provided that they are tax-related.

This award is open to all firms which specialise in international tax, or to the international tax teams in larger firms. The team must be largely based in the UK but can be providing services and advice to businesses or individuals anywhere in the world.

This award is open to multi-office practices which operate in a defined geographical region in the UK.

This award is open to all firms which specialise in UK employment tax, or to the UK employment tax teams in larger firms.

This award is open to all UK-based Chambers with a tax specialism. The judges will be looking for evidence of an outstanding quality of tax services for its clients. 

This award recognises an exceptional tax professional who has made a real difference to the professional life of their mentee. The judges invite submissions from individual mentees who can demonstrate how their mentor has helped them achieve their goals.

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This prestigious award, given at the discretion of the judges, will honour an individual who has made a substantial contribution to taxation over his or her entire career. Individuals can nominate themselves, but nominations will also be accepted from colleagues and business associates.